Outbound Marketing

Does it spell outbound marketing or out-of-date marketing?

The inbound marketing made the outbound like the old man that tries to tell you an unamusing story, no matter how you tried to convince him that you don’t need it. You may need to know the differences but I’m here to compare concepts.

Returning to the “story” part. If you’re promoting your brand or business, you’re a storyteller but those can’t be on Netflix. Presenting your company’s mission, vision, believes and distinguishes from competitors through visuals or copies is like telling a story. Marketing is all about engaging people’s feelings and to achieve so, you need to master the craft of telling an amusing and well-written story. What happens to create the want instead of stressing on the need.

If you made an urgency to buy a specific product the customer could easily go to the nearest store, not necessary for your company. Because you promote the product itself not the way the company produced it.

Why inbound marketing or digital marketing is more effective based on this criterion?

Simply, because people don’t like to be forced to listen to words that might live without easily. You’ve to be interesting to grabs people’s attention and the outbound style is like a horn screaming some nonsense noise. The most powerful strength in digital marketing that it’s magnetic. It’s grabbing people’s interests in a more sophisticated way without bothering them. That gives more chance to people to like your brand instead of trying to avoid.

No one loves to pick up the phone to speak with a clingy teleseller instead of hearing the voice of a loved expected to call.

Digital marketing is about the slow cooking that worth the waiting, building image overtime is not less work, it’s like watering a plant, too much or too little water will kill it, but thoughtful amount helps it grow like magic beans.

The results are a loyal audience who clicks to see what’s new and spread the word of mouth that promotes your business with no cost, instead of big budgets to promote offline.

I’m not making outbound marketing obsolete, but it’s less effective than it considered a supplement to enforce the social media presence but in the streets to make a more powerful image. Money-wise, you need to blend your resources well into an optimal percentage of both.

Digital marketing is worth investing in and worth learning about. It helps you target right, manage your budget rights, doing analysis and most importantly…sell.

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